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Long Lashes

Eyelash Lifting and Extensions

Lash lifts by Elleebana, Classic and Volume eyelash extensions

Eyelash Services

Eyelash Lifting

Eyelash Lift with Eyelash Tint  $95
Eyelash Lift Only  $80

Lash Extensions



Classic lashes are individually applied in a 1:1 ratio on the natural lash, perfect for those who are looking for a subtle and simple eye enhancement, length or lash line definition.

Because of the 1:1 application technique, classic lashes can be applied very naturally or reasonably thickly, depending on how many natural lashes we have to work with. 

Please note, classic lashes are best on those with strong natural lashes. For those with finer or sparse lashes, we recommend a light set of volume lashes to preserve the lash health.

Full Set Classic Lashes  $135

Classic Lashes Refill up to 3 weeks or 60% loss  $105

We Recommend coming every 2-3 weeks for classic lash refills to compensate for your natural lash shedding cycle and to keep your lashes looking fabulous.


Volume lashes involve super-light extensions applied in fans to the natural lash, creating length, darkness and volume that really give that wow factor! 

Volume Lashes are available in 3 different categories.

Light Volume 3D/4D

Volume 5D/6D 

Glam Volume 8D/10D

Please note we do not offer mega volume lashes. (Above 10D)

Volume lashes aren’t just for people looking for uber thick lashes either–the technique also enables gorgeous natural-looking enhancements to be created, which can be wonderful for everyday fullness or those going on holidays. Volume lashes are perfect for people with naturally sparse or finer lashes as they put less strain on the natural lash.

Light Volume Lashes Full Set  $140  - 

Light Volume Lashes Refill up to 3 weeks or 60% loss $110

Volume Lashes Full Set  $150- Please note we do not offer mega

Volume Refills up to 3 weeks or 60% loss $120

Glam Volume Lashes Full Set $165

Glam Volume Lashes Refills up to 3 weeks or 60% loss $130

Eyelash Removal with new full set $30

Eyelash Removal only $45

Please note for all lash refill services, to be able to refill your lashes, there must be at least 40% left, otherwise the refill appointment will become a full set.

We are unable to refill other lash tech work.  We only fill lashes that are done by our lash techs.  

Keep your lashes strong and healthy while promoting growth with Issada Amplify Lash Serum.  Ask for more information from your beauty therapist or lash tech.

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